Three Crucial Considerations for Planning for Fire Door Installation

Posted on: 7 March 2022

If you are updating the fire protection measures in your building, plan on installing or replacing fire doors. Fire doors are indispensable in a good fire safety plan because they will prevent the spread of fire. The compartmentalisation of the flames will prolong the time for evacuating the building. Moreover, the doors can contain a fire in one section of the building. This measure will minimise the total property damage and make extinguishing the fire easier. However, the effectiveness of fire doors will depend on the quality of installation. Here are some essential factors to address to maximise the benefits.

Certified Fire Doors 

When purchasing fire doors for your building, you must confirm that they are certified. Keep in mind that fire doors must meet specific standards to perform as expected. The best products are manufactured by accredited companies with the appropriate training in fire resistance and protection. Moreover, the doors are assessed and tested by a third party to ensure that the fire doors can resist fire for a specified period. If your doors are not certified, you cannot guarantee their long-term performance. Check the labels on fire doors before purchase. Alternatively, contact the manufacturer for information about their fire door certification.

Fire Door Regulations

Check the applicable building regulations before installing your fire doors. The specific rules might depend on the type of structure you own and intend to place the doors. For example, the fire protection obligations are more stringent for commercial buildings, including rental houses. Therefore, check the rules to avoid legal oversights during fire installation. Consider the critical factors that influence fire door performance. These aspects include access requirements, placement points and inspection after installation. Also, note that stringent limits on modification are imposed on fire doors. Therefore, avoid changing the doors or replacing the hardware, including the locking components and hinges. These doors are tested as a unit, and changes might compromise performance. If you must modify the units by trimming or painting, consult the manufacturer for guidance.

Professional Installation

Fire door installation requires professional knowledge to ensure correct function. Therefore, choose a trained and qualified expert for the task. Remember that minor mistakes in placement could render the door almost useless in the event of a fire. For example, the existence of gaps between the door and the frames will allow leakage. The minor gaps will cause the escape of smoke and even accelerate fire door damage due to airflow. So, promote optimal fire protection by choosing professional installation.

For more information about fire door installation, contact a local company.