• 2 Tips for Selecting Outdoor Roller Shutters for Your Business's Storefront

    When you have a storefront with large windows, it can be difficult to find the appropriate coverings. While you want passersby to be able to see into your store, you may want to occlude their vision during the night. You may also want to protect your store's merchandise from the direct rays of the sun. One option is to install outdoor roller shutters on the front of your business. When it comes time to shop around for these types of shutters, use the tips below when looking at the options to help you make a decision. [Read More]

  • Three Crucial Considerations for Planning for Fire Door Installation

    If you are updating the fire protection measures in your building, plan on installing or replacing fire doors. Fire doors are indispensable in a good fire safety plan because they will prevent the spread of fire. The compartmentalisation of the flames will prolong the time for evacuating the building. Moreover, the doors can contain a fire in one section of the building. This measure will minimise the total property damage and make extinguishing the fire easier. [Read More]