Why Have Roller Shutters Installed Outside Your Home

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Roller shutters are a great choice for any home, and are usually available in a wide range of colours and materials, so don't assume that they all look industrial and dull. These shutters offer many advantages for a homeowner, even for windows that have interior blinds and shades. Note a few of those advantages here, so you know why roller shutters may be the best choice for your home.

Sun protection

Thick and heavy drapes inside the home may give you protection from the sun, which might be needed if you get migraines or have delicate timber floors you don't want exposed to sunlight during the day. However, large drapes can overwhelm a room and clash with your furniture and decor. Drapes also need regular cleaning, usually by a professional, and it can mean a lot of work to remove those drapes from the rod, take them to the dry cleaners, and then rehang them. Roller shutters outside the home's windows offer full sun protection and can usually be cleaned with a simple garden hose, or a quick scrub with a brush, which is much easier than taking drapes to the cleaners!

Storm protection

You may not think your windows are at risk for breaking during a heavy storm, but they don't need to outright shatter to be damaged by flying debris. Rocks, gravel, twigs, and other such items can scratch the surface of window glass; dust and dirt can then settle into those cracks, causing the windows to look cloudy and dull. These scratches can also make the windows weaker, so they're easier to break. Closing roller shutters over the windows during a storm can offer the best protection for the glass against this damage, and also reduce the risk of the windows rattling in high winds, so your home's interior is more comfortable no matter the outside weather.

Noise protection

If you live across from a busy school or roadway, or near an airport, it might be difficult to relax in your home due to the noise from the outside. Being able to close the roller shutters when school lets out or when there is a game being played, or at night when you're trying to sleep, can mean a quiet and comfortable home interior. Plastic roller shutters can absorb noise and soundwaves even more so that metal shutters, so that you can fully block noise, vibration from traffic and airplanes, and other nuisances that are outside the home.