Has Your Garage Door Motor Failed?

Posted on: 5 August 2021

Motorised garage doors are a great way of making life easier. Instead of getting soaked while struggling to open the garage door in the rain or hunting for the keyhole in the dark, you only need to press a button for the door to open automatically. You can then drive into the garage before exiting the vehicle while staying dry. Despite their convenience, there can be times when your automatic garage door fails, and you must arrange for it to be repaired as quickly as possible. A broken garage door will either mean that your vehicle can't access the road or that it is trapped outside the garage, where it is exposed to possible damage from passers-by, vandals or even the weather.

How do garage doors fail?

Perhaps the most common fault with garage doors is a failure with the remote control. If the garage door remote control has been lost or damaged, your local supplier should be able to source a replacement for you. Another type of failure is caused by mechanical damage to the door. Perhaps the track used by the door or the door itself has been damaged. Maybe, someone drove into the door or it was knocked when something was taken out of the garage? The final possible problem that might occur is when the door motor fails. When garage door motors fail, the best solution is to arrange for a replacement without delay.

Working with a company that repairs garage door motors

If you have a failed motor, the only options are to repair or replace the motor. It shouldn't take a qualified repair company long to determine the best option for your garage door. Any company that you choose to work on your garage must demonstrate a proven track record in repairing garage doors like yours. If you are unsure whether a particular company is suitable, take the time to ask them some questions. Find out which doors they repair most often and whether they can provide testimonials from satisfied customers. A well-established company should have no problem demonstrating that they have a solid customer base who are happy to recommend them.

Before they come out to look at your garage, it can be helpful to provide the repair company with some preliminary information. By checking the manufacturer and model number of your motor, you can ensure that they can bring the replacement motor or parts with them. Knowing what is needed will save time and mean that there will be no need to wait for parts to arrive before you can start using the door again.

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