The Best Blinds Designs for Sliding Glass Doors

Posted on: 5 February 2021

The entryways to your home should have a unique appeal, for instance, sliding glass doors. Other than their functionality, sliding glass doors add aesthetic value to a home's exterior and interior spaces. Curtains and sheers hide the intrinsic beauty of sliding glass doors, which is a shame. However, you cannot go wrong with blinds if your home has sliding glass doors. That said, any blinds will not do, which means that you must be selective with your decision. Here is a look at some of the best blinds for sliding glass doors.

Linked Roller Blinds

The first type of blinds that make sliding glass doors pop out is linked roller blinds. As their name suggests, linked roller blinds can be combined; therefore, they span a sliding door's entire width. Consequently, it does not matter how large your sliding door is because linked roller blinds will cover the whole space. Another benefit is that it makes it easy to roll blinds up or down in one section of a sliding glass door while leaving the other intact. It can be attributed to the fact that linked roller blinds are sectionalised. Although linked blinds feature gaps between individual sections, privacy should not be a problem.

Vertical Blinds

Another option that works quite well with sliding doors is vertical blinds. The design is very practical, which explains its popularity among homeowners. Unlike other options, vertical blinds offer 24-hour privacy in one blind, sits neatly under a door's sill. Since sliding doors open from the sides or from the middle, stacking vertical blinds is easy in both styles. For instance, if your sliding door opens on the side, you can stack vertical blinds to the other side. Conversely, you can stack the blinds evenly on both sides of a glass door (for balance) if it opens in the middle. Perhaps the most significant advantage that vertical blinds offer homeowners is controlling how much natural light enters a home. For example, if you have a sliding door in your living room, you can tilt the slats slightly to allow just enough light through but keep the glare off your television.

Panel Glide Blinds 

Modern architecture is stretching design imagination significantly, and wall-to-wall doors are an excellent example of the ingenuity. However, it can be challenging to find the blinds for extra-wide sliding doors and still maintain the desired elegance. Panel glide blinds are the best option since they are custom-made to suit wide sliding doors. Other than being incredibly easy to operate, panel glide blinds do not leave gaps between fabrics, ensuring 100% privacy, day or night.