4 Ways To Save On Time Cleaning Your Shower Screens

Posted on: 22 May 2019

Shower screens are generally low-maintenance and quite easy to clean. From homemade mixtures to the type that you can get from the store, you have different cleaning solutions to choose from for the job. But what if you didn't need as much of these solutions and didn't have to spend as much time doing the cleaning?

That can be a reality for you with the following tips that help prevent the buildup of soap scum and growth of mildew on your shower screens

1.    Go For Coated Glass

Whether you are searching for a shower screen installation for your new home, or are looking to replace your existing shower screen unit, choose glass with a repellant and protective coating. Soap scum deposits and grime will not form on the surface of treated glass.

Glass is very porous, and the mineral deposits from the shower water and soap scum will seep deep into the untreated glass. In this case, only deep cleaning will keep your shower screens clean and clear.  By using treated glass, you'll prevent the buildup.

2.    Keep The Minerals Out Of Your Shower Water

Hard water contains a lot of mineral deposits which only make soap scum worse. If you want to keep your shower screens free of heavy films of soap scum, then consider installing a water softening system for your home. You may also want to look into installing showerheads fitted with filters in all your bathrooms.

3.    Let The Air In

Your bathroom is the perfect space for the growth of mildew. This fungal growth thrives in warm and damp places. By letting the air in, you keep the humidity low in your bathroom space, with the effect of preventing mildew growth on your shower screens. To aerate your bathrooms, let your shower screens stay open in addition to popping open your bathroom windows.

4.    Squeegee Away

Running a squeegee down your shower screens will only take a few moments, compared to the larger amount of time you'll have to spend on deep cleaning. Using a squeegee keeps the water off your shower enclosures, effectively preventing the buildup of soap scum and stains. For the best results, you should use the squeegee after every shower.

Prevention is always a far better strategy in everything, and maintaining your shower screens is no exception. With the highlighted tips you can prevent soap scum, grime and mildew from staining your shower enclosures, making cleaning far much easier.