Choosing the Right Glass for Your Home's Entryway Doors

Posted on: 18 December 2017

Frameless glass is a good choice for patio doors, as these doors will allow you a full view of your yard and the horizon, even when you're not outside to enjoy the space. A glass door can also be a good choice in place of a screen door, as this means more security and safety when you have the inside storm door open; this lets in more light, with less risk of someone cutting through a screen to gain entry, and with more insulation against outside temperature than a screen door offers. When you're ready to shop for new glass doors, note a few tips on finding the right glass for these doors, so you're happy with them for many years to come.

For maximum safety

If you need maximum protection against breakage of the glass, either to keep out intruders or because of the risk of a child's errant toy, consider heat strengthened glass. This type of glass is heated as it's fabricated but then cooled quickly so that it stays dense and strong. Laminated glass is also a good choice; this will have a protective layer of a plastic-like material added to the outside of the glass, for more strength and durability. Both of these types of glass may not be as clear as standard glass, but they are very strong and durable, and less likely to shatter upon impact.

 Low-E glass

Low-E glass bounces harmful UV rays off its surface while letting in other types of light. If you live in a very sunny and warm climate, and want to reduce the heat that gets into the home but not sunlight itself, choose low-E glass. You'll get plenty of sunshine through the glass but not as much heat, so your home's interior will be bright and welcoming but not hot and stuffy.

Insulated glass

Insulated glass refers to double-glazing or two panes of glass that are sealed together with a type of gas between them. This section of gas adds to the insulating factor of the glass, so it lets less of the outside temperature into the home. If you like to keep the interior doors open, or want a wall of glass doors, choose insulated glass for maximum interior comfort.

Textured glass

Textured glass will be etched or cut so that it's not completely clear; this is done to obscure the view through the glass, while still letting sunlight pass through. If you need privacy in your home but don't want to add a shade or curtains to the glass door, opt for textured or etched glass.

For more information about how to replace glass doors, contact a local professional.